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Dr. Shey psychoeducational evaluations

Welcome! I am Dr. Sheytophia “Shey” Cunha, Florida Licensed School Psychologist. We  help learners of all ages  reach their fullest learning potential! This includes preschool,  college students and those who are vocation bound. Testing  to support the need for special programs and plans. Psychoeducational Evaluations and educational testing services can be found here. Using the most accurate testing tools! What is impeding a person’s ability to learn or perform daily task?  Specializing in comprehensive evaluations. This includes learning disabilities, behavior, social-emotional concerns, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using the ADOS-2, Gifted, Vocational evaluations and other concerns. 

Dr. Shey is  an experienced Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teacher, school psychologist and disabilities coordinator. She serves as an Associate Online Faculty member a university teaching graduate level assessment, evaluation and learning design courses classes to future educators.



  • Dr. Shey Cunha offers various testing options to address a variety of concerns in learning and behavior. Free phone consultations are available upon request. Families and learners of all ages are provided a written comprehensive report following a completed evaluation. Interpretation of results available as requested through a feedback session.
    • What is a Psychoeducational Evaluation?
      • Assessment of learning processes in academics. Cognitive processes, executive function, memory ability, intellectual and behavior assessments may be included. Autism testing available with the ADOS-2. 
    • Learning Disabilities
      • Concerned about school grades or overall achievement? Diagnostic testing for Dyslexia / Dysgraphia and other specific learning disabilities.
    • Gifted
      • Need to know the IQ? Intelligence Quotient assessment assists in determining educational eligibility for Gifted programs. 
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
        • Screening and complete evaluation options available using the ADOS-2, using the most accurate testing tools for diagnosis. Accurate testing provides valuable recommendations for the need for ABA therapy for Autism and related disorders.
    • Early Childhood / Developmental Evaluations
      • Comprehensive evaluation typically includes intelligence quotient, adaptive/daily living skills, behavioral/social skills,  verbal and nonverbal communication skills, screening of motor skills, screening of academic/pre-academic skills, and play observation when appropriate. Will help to determine developmental delays. 
      • Vocational Evaluations
        • For students and employees with suspected disabilities in need of accommodations. This includes suspected learning disabilties or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 
        • ADHD- attention / deficit hyperactivity disorder comprehensive assessment 


Dr. Shey Cunha

FL Licensed School Psychologist SS1338

Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Phone: (863) 225-8136